Meesha's veterinary nursing career!

Meesha began her veterinary nursing career in 2007 at the Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital.  She had done a weeks work experience there in year 10 and from there they proceeded to hire her as soon as a position became vacant.  She qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2010.

Having done 3 years of nursing, Meesha decided to trial a different career path in dog training which she did full time for 9 months.

Having tried something new Meesha then decided to go back to her beloved job as a vet nurse.  She was working casually at South Paws Surgical Specialist when one of the nurses from the Peninsula vet care group offered her a full time position at the Dromana Vet Hospital.

Meesha Worked at Dromana for 3 more years whilst doing her grooming part time.

She then had to take the leap and place full attention on her grooming business which had taken off!

Having this intensive nursing background is a benefit to Meesha herself, but also to her loyal clients.  Meesha is very diligent in picking up on health problems with your pets and suggesting the right direction for treatment and further diagnosis.

If you have any concerns with your pets health whilst she is at your door, please feel free to mention it and she can advise you accordingly.