Meesha's Doggy Day Spa is a Mobile Dog Grooming Service that caters for dogs in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs of Victoria.  

Meesha grew up on King Island, a small island situated in Bass Strait half way between Victoria and Tasmania.  Her passion for animals was very apparent from an early age.  She was constantly taking home sick animals and nursing them back to health.  Among animals she fostered was a wattle bird, two wallabies, mice, a possum, and horses but above all were her dogs. There was something about her dogs. They just adored her.   Meesha just loved being with dogs so much, she started walking other peoples dogs. 'Sumo' was one she walked regularly.  He wanted to be with Meesha so much he no longer wanted to remain with his then owner, other than at feed time.  He always escaped (no matter what it took) and would sleep on the door step of Meesha's house.  He was always there. Eventually, seeing as his owners were moving house and Sumo had already relocated himself, it was agreed that Meesha could officially take on the ownership and he lived a long and happy life with her. There are many great stories about Meesha and the animals she takes on.

Meesha decided Vet Nursing was the career path she would take.  She trained and worked at Moorabbin Veterinary Hospital for some three years and then was further educated as a Dog Trainer with Sit Happens. She is now employed at Dromana Veterinary Hospital as a Vet Nurse and recently purchased her mobile trailer and has taken up dog grooming as well.

What ever Meesha does in life, animals will always play a major part.  She is kind and gentle and has a special bond with them.  She has a pleasant cheerful disposition and all animals will be in very good hands while she is attending them. 

'SUMO' Her beloved Sumo.

'BUDDY' Meesha's current beautiful dog.